The East Wind
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The Haulout - Day 1

This was by far the most frustrating day. First look at the keel and a missing flange and aft starboard keel bolt.
Lots of advice but I went with the yard. Spent hours chasing down paint, putty, answers, and chiseling the keel.
When done I had refilled the missing rubber where the keel meets the hull, dyna-glassed the large areas (filler), and putty'd in the rest.

Haul out - day 1

7:30 am, ready for hauling out.

Just before the lift. The slings are in the water and under the boat.

She's got a little beard.

Closeup of the beard.


Done washing all but the keel.

Propping her up with the metal stands.

After an hour of brutal work - the port side of the keel with the layer of blue paint torn away. Some metal showing. Did not do much more work on this side.

Starboard side of keel - and I'm not doing anything more to this side other than primer it. The primer supposedly bonds the paint to the metal... We'll see in 2 years on the next haulout.